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APPLYCON and its partners have more than eleven years of know-how in the integration of electronics into textiles. Successfully mastering the industrialization of developed systems and their use in mass production is the basis of success and profit for company partners. Our system of “washable” cable connections guarantees permanent functionality and stability in all products. A quality controlled system manufacture process is a matter of course. We are able to provide intelligent solutions for the textile industry – from design to implementation as a „turnkey“ solution.

Thanks to us, clothing companies are able to quickly offer innovative solutions and not only remain ahead of the competition, but also reach new markets, thereby strengthening their brand.

We connect the world of electronics with the world of textiles.

APPLY our CONnection

The development and sale of complex solutions for the integration of electronic components and systems into textile products

  • Consulting for textile manufacturing companies on electronic elements in clothing (design, feasibility studies, prototyping and mass production)
  • Component qualification and certification for electronic solutions in clothing

Basic products:

  • Heating systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Sensor systems and monitoring
  • Communications systems
  • Connections and connectors in textiles


Heating for beds and hospital beds

(Heating systems for beds and hospital beds)

Heating for church pews

(Heated church pews or Heating systems for church pews)

Heating for work wear

(Heating systems for work wear)

Heating for shoes and socks

(Heated shoes and socks)

Heated gloves

Warning light system for jackets

(Jacket warning light system)

Signaling jacket for cyclists

Fire-fighter clothing

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