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  • Wearable electronics and intelligent textiles
  • Connector technologies and cable assemblies
  • Design a complex engineering
  • Other products and services

Cooperative manufacture

We are able to cooperate on electrotechnical manufacture assembly, ready-made cable manufacture, and countless textile procedures.
We work with both customer supplied materials and with materials we are able to obtain based on the required specifications. We can use customer documentation and procedures, or we are able to create our own documentation and production procedures, making the whole process as efficient as possible.
We have ideal working conditions in an air-conditioned and “clean” environment, a requirement for the assembly and completion of miniature electronics, optical elements, miniature flexible contacts and connectors, etc.


We are able to offer consulting to small and medium-sized companies during establishment and accounting, as well as when creating new foreign business relationships.
We also offer representation on overseas markets, at foreign presentations, and at business meetings.

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